Sociology Department



Explore the many facets of society with one of Brookhaven College’s many Sociology courses. Courses cover a wide variety of social considerations, including marriage, race, sexuality and family. Social work courses are also offered.


SOCI 1301 - Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 1306 - Contemporary Social Issues
SOCI 2301 - Marriage, Family, and Close Relationships
SOCI 2306 - Human Sexuality
SOCI 2319 - Race, Ethnicity and Community
SOCI 2320 - Field Studies in American Minorities
SOCI 2326 - Social Psychology
SOCI 2336 - Criminology
SOCI 2372 - Communication and Negotiation Skills for Conflict Resolution
SOCI 2373 - Introduction to Mediation
SOCI 2389 - Applied Sociology Practicum
SOCI 2361 - Introduction To Social Work


Social Science Division
Bldg. K, Room K240

Greg Jacobs
Bldg. K, Room K207