World Languages Division

Foreign Languages

Discover the Languages

Brookhaven College has a unique and wide array of foreign languages offered to its students. These courses can be taken for transferable, college credit.

Course schedules change frequently. Check the class schedules for the most up-to-date offerings and catalogues.

Offered Languages

Chinese (on campus)
French (on campus)
German (on campus/online)
Italian (on campus/online)
Korean (on campus)
Portuguese (on campus/online)
Spanish (on campus/online)

Studying a Foreign Language Abroad

Want the ultimate learning experience? Brookhaven College's Multinational Academic Program for Study Abroad allows students to study a language in a foreign country while earning college credit! Latin America, Germany, Brazil and China are just a few of the places students have the opportunity to visit.

Languages and the New Core Curriculum

In order to be eligible for a bachelor's degree at a Texas public college or university, you must first complete a Core curriculum of courses.

Your Core curriculum completed at Brookhaven College-- or any other school within the District-- is guaranteed to transfer to any public Texas college or university.

Language courses satisfy not one, but two Core requirements under the DCCCD Core curriculum.

  • A foreign language course with the course number 1411 or 1412 satisfies the "Tier 1: Speaking and Listening" Core curriculum requirement.
  • A foreign language course with the course number 2311, 2312, 2321, 2322 or 2323 satisfies the "Tier 2: Humanity, Creativity, and the Aesthetic Experience" Core curriculum.

Division Office Contact

Grant Sisk, Ph.D.

M. Rosario Prado
administrative assistant to the dean

Rebecca Garcia
administrative assistant to the dean
Brian McClung
assistant to the dean for Chinese, German, Italian, Korean and Portuguese

Eileen Nelson
assistant to the dean for French