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Study Egypt 2013


Photo courtesy of Violet Sparks

This learning community will examine the influence of Egypt on early civilizations as well as the impact of other civilizations on Egypt. Students also will examine the role that Egypt has played in the development of archaeology as a discipline, and they will study both ancient and modern Egyptian culture. Students will attend lectures, visit both modern and ancient sites, archaeological sites and interact with the people of Egypt on a daily basis. The program professor will be with the students the entire duration of the trip.

Students will spend 21 days in Egypt including four nights on a cruise ship. Highlights of the trip will include visits to the following locations.

  • Pyramids
  • Museums
  • Temples
  • Alexandria Library
  • Archaeological Dig Sites
  • Old Cairo Tour
  • Khan El Khalili Bazaar

Earn Six Credit hours

Study Egypt Poster

Participants must enroll in six credit hours of Anthropology.

  • Intro. to Archaeology
    • ANTH 2302
  • Intro. to Anthropology
    • ANTH 2346
  • Cultural Anthropology
    • ANTH 2351
  • Academic Cooperative in Anthropology
    • ANTH 2389

Course dates:

June 3-July 8

Student Testimonials

Total cost

Cost: $2,600 plus airfaire and tuition. Students will make their own travel arrangements.

This course is designed to accommodate 12 to 20 adult students (at least 18 years of age) with one instructor. Covered in the cost of the program are every expense except souvenirs and extras individuals may want. All breakfasts and dinners, most lunches, sightseeing expenses, entrance fees, guide fees, tips, taxes and service charges, local transportation and transfers in Egypt are included in the program fee.

Students must arrange their own international transportation. DCCCD tuition and fees are not included in these fees. Tuition will be $312 for in-district students and $582 for out-of-district students.

Not included are U.S. passport fees, Egyptian visa fees, and vaccinations/medications for travel to Egypt. Health and Safety information including hazards associated with the destination may be available from the Centers for Disease Control at



Students will be required to show proof of international medical insurance with minimal coverage for: emergency medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation of remains before they may participate in the first class; this coverage must be purchased individually and at the student’s own expense. There are a variety of international plans, none of which are specifically endorsed by Brookhaven College. Plans of this type may be available at Web sites such as or at Students are also advised to purchase the ISIC (International Student Identity Card) available at

Each student will be required to sign an official DCCCD “Field Trip Participation Consent” form (waiver of liability). If a student performs in a manner that is detrimental to the good of the group, interferes with college teaching, or fails to show respect for others (normal DCCCD grounds for suspension), the student would no longer be a participant in the course, will not be permitted to continue to remain at the facility and will be sent home at that student's expense.

Lastly, additional information, including any applicable travel advisories related to travel in Egypt, is provided by the U.S. Department of State and is available at


The $2,600 fee must be paid in full by May 3.


Enrollment is by instructor approval only. Students must contact Violet Sparks for permission to enroll.


Violet Sparks:
Bldg. K, Room K240
972-860-7444, ext. 9363