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Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is designed to help international (F1 Visa) students to improve their English language skills, often in preparation for college-level study.

During each fall and spring semester, IEP students take five courses in listening/speaking, reading, writing, grammar, and supplemental skill development. They spend 15 hours a week in the classroom and 4 hours a week in the lab.

IEP students may also take listening/speaking, reading, writing, and grammar courses during the summer session.

The IEP consists of 25 main courses (five levels x five skills).

Level Listening/Speaking Reading Writing Grammar Supplemental Skill Development
0 (Listening/Speaking 0) (Reading 0) (Writing 0) (Grammar 0) (Listing/Speaking)
1 (Listening/Speaking 1) (Reading 1) (Writing 1) (Grammar 1) (Listing/Speaking)
2 (Listening/Speaking 2) (Reading 2) (Writing 2) (Grammar 2) (Grammar)
3 (Listening/Speaking 3) (Reading 3) (Writing 3) (Grammar 3) (Writing)
4 (Listening/Speaking 4) (Reading 4) (Writing 4) (Grammar 4) (Reading)


New students are placed into an appropriate level based on the results of a placement test given here at the college.

If you are interested in entering the IEP, contact the Brookhaven College Multicultural Center, at 972-860-4192 or, which is located in Bldg. S, Room S136.