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Why learn Italian?

  • Italian is a beautiful and highly expressive language!
  • Knowing some Italian will make visiting Italy—one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world—even more enjoyable!
  • Italy is a major economic power, so knowing some Italian may provide you with career and business opportunities!
  • If you already know Spanish, French or Portuguese, learning Italian should be a breeze!

Want the ultimate learning experience? Study abroad in Italy and earn college credit!

Interesting Italian Facts

  • Italy is the world’s seventh largest economy in terms of gross domestic product.
  • On a map, Italy appears as a boot (the mainland) kicking a soccer ball (Sicily).
  • Italy has won the World Cup of soccer four times—second only to Brazil.
  • Most Italians live close to both the mountains and the beach.
  • Italians eat hundreds of different types of pasta. They like their pasta al dente ( firm “to the tooth”), not scotta (“badly cooked”).
  • Though most Italians love pizza, the expression Che pizza! means “How boring!” or “What a pain!”
  • Many of the terms that we use in English to talk about art and music—and fancy coffee drinks!--come from Italian.
  • The Italian word ciao (pronounced CHOW) means not only “goodbye” but also “hello.” It originally comes from the Venetian dialect word for “slave.” So when Italians say “hello” and “goodbye,” they are in effect saying, “I am your slave!”
  • Yes, Italians really do talk with their hands. They use dozens of gestures, many of which have precise meanings (Let’s go!, Let’s eat!, Yummy!, Yeah right! You’re a sly one!, I don’t care!, etc.)

Italian Courses

ITAL 1411- Beginning Italian 1
ITAL 1412- Beginning Italian 2
ITAL 2311- Intermediate Italian 1
ITAL 2312- Intermediate Italian 2

Actual course offering vary from semester to semester, so check eConnect or the online course schedules for current availability.

The Core Curriculum

In order to be eligible for a bachelor's degree at a Texas public college or university, you must first complete a Core Curriculum of courses.

When completed at Brookhaven College, the Core Curriculum is guaranteed to transfer as a block to any public university in the state of Texas.

You may apply two Italian courses toward your Core Curriculum.
• ITAL 1411 or ITAL 1412 can be taken to complete the "Tier 1: Speaking and Listening" course.
• ITAL 2311 or ITAL 2312 can be taken to complete the "Tier 2: Humanity, Creativity and the Aesthetic Experience" course.