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Why Learn Spanish?

A knowledge of the Spanish language and familiarity with the cultures of Spain, Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries will give you:
  • a stronger connection with the many native Spanish-speakers who live and work around you;
  • enhanced career and business opportunities; and
  • direct access to Spanish language, music, literature and cinema.

Want the ultimate learning experience? Study abroad in Latin America or Spain and earn college credit!

Interesting Spanish Facts

  • With around 400 million native- and second-language speakers, Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world.
  • There are almost eight million native Spanish speakers in Texas and around 50 million in the United States.
  • After English, Spanish is the language most often used in international communication.

Central Sequence of Spanish Courses

SPAN 1411- Beginning Spanish 1
SPAN 1412- Beginning Spanish 2
SPAN 2311- Intermediate Spanish 1
SPAN 2312- Intermediate Spanish 2

SPAN 1411 and 1412 now can be taken online!

Additional Spanish Course Offerings

SPAN 1100- Spanish Conversation
SPAN 1300- Spanish for Medical Personnel
SPAN 1300- Spanish for the Global Marketplace
SPAN 2306- Spanish Conversation
SPAN 2313- Spanish for Native Speakers 1
SPAN 2315- Spanish for Native Speakers 2
SPAN 2316- Spanish for Business 1
SPAN 2317- Spanish for Business 2
SPAN 2321- Introduction to Spanish Literature 1
SPAN 2322- Introduction to Spanish Literature 2
SPAN 2323- Introduction to Latin American Literature
SPAN 2324- Spanish Conversation and Culture Through Reading

Actual course offering vary from semester to semester, so check eConnect or the online course schedules for current availability.

Core Curriculum

In order to be eligible for a bachelor's degree at a Texas public college or university, you must first complete a Core Curriculum of courses.

When completed at Brookhaven College, the Core Curriculum is guaranteed to transfer as a block to any public university in the state of Texas.

You may apply two Spanish courses toward your Core Curriculum.

  • SPAN 1311, 1312, 1411 or 1412 can be taken to complete the "Tier 1: Speaking and Listening" course.
  • SPAN 2311, 2312, 2321, 2322, 2323 or 2324 can be taken to complete the "Tier 2: Humanity, Creativity and the Aesthetic Experience" course.