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For Immediate Release: July 8, 2004
Natural Gas Field Subject of Interest at Brookhaven College
Farmers Branch, Dallas, TX • The Barnett Shale, a huge natural resource in Dallas/Fort Worth’s backyard, drew oil, gas, geophysical, engineering and technology professionals to the Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute at Brookhaven College for a symposium, June 22-23. More than 200 professionals from local, national and international companies attended the sold out conference, the second symposium on the Barnett Shale hosted at the EMGI.
The United States Geological Survey estimates that the Barnett Shale gas field holds 27 trillion cubic feet of reclaimable natural gas. This huge natural gas play is situated north of Fort Worth, covering more than nine counties. It draws enormous interest in the region because it has become one of the most active gas fields in theUnited States. Between 1992 and 2002 the number of wells grew from 99 to 1,870, and companies from across the state and across the county have wells on the play.
The symposium brought together speakers from a variety of fields to discuss the challenges and opportunities created by the Barnett Shale play. Speakers included Glenn Adams of Adexco Production Company, who spoke about the challenges of urban drilling; Clifton Cornelison of Well-Tech who addressed the rock characteristics of the Barnett Shale; Robert Ransone of the Wellspring Partners discussing gas marketing of the Barnett Shale gas, and many others. The application of new technology throughout the Barnett Shale play has drawn attention from many drilling companies, and the innovations made in extracting the natural gas from the shale also has made it well known.
The symposium sold out more than a month before the event date, just as the first one did in November 2003. Diane Brownlee, director of the EMGI, and the EMGI oil and gas committee members already have begun plans for a third symposium in January 2005 to meet the continuing demand for information. The Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, Bureau of Economic Geology, Dallas Geological Society, Dallas Geophysical Society, the Dallas and Fort Worth Chapters of SIPES, Fort Worth Geological Society, and the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man at Southern Methodist University also sponsored the event.
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