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Brookhaven College Students Recognized for Excelling in Art, Music

DCCCD Foundation logoFARMERS BRANCH/DALLAS • They study, they write; they sing, paint and sculpt. They also have jobs, commute and face the challenges of daily life. A dedicated group of 15 Dallas County Community College District students will be recognized for their talent and skills by the DCCCD Foundation on Fri., April 8, during a special program that will showcase each student’s gift. The event will be held at El Centro College, beginning with a musical presentation from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m. in the performance hall, followed by a noon luncheon, poetry reading and art exhibit in room C-100, El Centro College’s main dining room.

Each year, the Cecil Wallace Fordham Memorial Award in Visual Arts, the Alice Jones Berding Memorial Award in Music, and the Eleanor Jones Award in Creative Writing are given to students from DCCC’s seven colleges who excel in art, music and creative writing. All three awards are funded through endowments administered by the DCCCD Foundation.

Each outstanding student receives a cash award of $400, made possible by gifts from the Jones family. The Cecil Wallace Fordham Award in Visual Arts, made possible with a gift from Fordham’s daughter, Eleanor Fordham Jones, and her family, was created to remember Mr. Fordham’s love of visual beauty. The first was given in 1979.

James Darnell is the winner of the award for Brookhaven College, currently studying sculpture. He plans to transfer to a four-year institution to pursue his bachelor’s and Master of fine arts degrees. Darnell wants to continue sculpting and plans to teach.

Other winners included: Clayton Skidmore, Cedar Valley College; Amy Riley, Eastfield College; Maria Dahlia Rosales, El Centro College; Robert Salazar, Mountain View College; J. Mikohl Minkler, North Lake College; and Elijah Stafford, Richland College.

The Alice Jones Berding Award in Music, made possible with a gift from Berding’s late brother, George Rather Jones, honors Ms. Berding’s years of teaching in the Dallas schools as a piano instructor and as a private teacher as well. Brookhaven College’s winner is Nicholas D. Galanos, a Garland resident majoring in music education. Galanos is pursuing an associate’s degree in music before transferring to a four-year university to continue his music education in hopes of either teaching at the college level or becoming a middle school music director. Awardees must be enrolled in music, and preference is given to students who are studying piano. The first Alice Jones Berding Memorial Award in Music was awarded in 1977.

Other location winners include: Bonnie Welch, Cedar Valley College; Serah Hare, Eastfield College; Juan Noriko Odachi Evans, El Centro College; Che Ho Chan, Mountain View College; Destiny LeSueur, North Lake College; and Andrew White, Richland College.

The Eleanor Jones Award for Creative Writing is presented annually to an outstanding student who excels in the composition of prose or poetry at one of the DCCCD colleges which offers creative writing. This year’s winner was Lucien Rene Nanton, a student at North Lake College.

“Through these scholarships, we honor the lives of Alice Jones Berding, Eleanor Jones, and Cecil Wallace Fordham,” said Betheny Reid, executive director of the DCCCD Foundation. “Their dedication to music and the visual arts survives in the work and dreams of 15 outstanding students. Gifts such as these are a lasting legacy honoring both the benefactors and recipients.”

Mrs. Jones, her children and her grandchildren continue to attend the awards ceremony each year.

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