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News at Brookhaven College

For immediate release July 28, 2005.

FARMERS BRANCH/DALLAS  •  The Parent/Child Study Center at Brookhaven College received its accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The center has been accredited since 1990, and now has accreditation through May 31, 2010. NAEYC accreditation holds centers to national standards of quality more rigorous than state licensing requirements in areas of teacher education, health and safety, child-to-teacher ratios and program curriculum.

“There is a mark of distinction given to child-care facilities that are accredited by the NAEYC,” said Alice Villadsen, Ph.D., president, Brookhaven College. “The organization bases the accreditation on 10 standards of quality and access and involves the administration, teachers and families. The process ensures that everyone who is involved with the center is part of a quality experience.”

Glenda Strange, director of the center, coordinated the self-study that combines parent and staff questionnaires, classroom observations and administrative components. The self-study included a 25-question survey of the parents of the children at the center about whether or not they felt like they were listened to and how they felt about the center’s quality and instruction. The staff also conducted a teaching questionnaire that ranked their feelings about the center’s curriculum, interaction with teachers and families, administration, health and safety and evaluation.

The center is part of Brookhaven College’s Health and Human Services Division, led by Executive Dean Juanita Zapata Flint. In addition to providing a quality child-care center for families in the area, the accreditation is important for the students studying in the college’s child-care program.

“I think it’s necessary for a lab school to be accredited,” said Strange. “If we are instructing our college students about the proper way to teach or model something in a child-care setting, we should always make sure we are using these same methods in our center with good result.”

On March 24 a representative from the NAEYC came to audit the records of the center and conduct her own observations for the accreditation process. Gloria Langston, former owner of several centers in the Chicago area, now travels to centers for the NAEYC to validate and review their information before reporting her findings to the NAEYC Commission. The NAEYC Web site currently lists the Parent/Child Study Center at Brookhaven College as accredited through 2010, and the center will receive the written confirmation of the accreditation in the coming weeks.