Brookhaven College

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Admissions and Registration

Bldg. S, Room S041

Q: How long does it take for transcripts to be sent out from the Admissions Office?
Most requests for transcripts are processed and the copies are sent in 48 hours. During peak times, the two weeks before the beginnings of the fall and spring semesters, processing time may take up to one week due to the volume of requests.

Q: Can I pick up a copy of my transcript if I come to the college?
Students can pick up an official copy of their transcript at the Admissions Office. Students must bring a valid form of photo identification to obtain a copy of their transcripts.

Q: Will the transcripts include classes taken at other Dallas County Community College District colleges?
Yes, transcripts from Brookhaven College also will include courses taken at other colleges within the DCCCD.

Q: Can I get copies of transcripts I gave to Brookhaven College from other schools?
The Admissions Office can make and copies of transcripts that you submitted for other colleges as part of you Brookhaven College application. Students will need to come to the college to collect these. These copies will NOT be official copies of these transcripts as only the issuing college can send official copies.

Q: What can I do if I need to have someone else pick-up copies of my transcripts?
You can complete a Proxy form that will allow someone else to collect a copy of your transcript. In addition to the Proxy, you will need to complete the Transcript Request form and include a copy of your photo identification. The person picking up the transcript also will have to present a form of valid photo ID before they can receive the transcript.