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Assessment evaluates your readiness for certain college courses and your probabilities for success in those courses.

Brookhaven College has an assessment and advisement program for entering students, which is a required part of the enrollment process. Before meeting with an advisor, students may need to complete an assessment.

Assessment Testing Policies

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, in compliance with state legislative action, requires that all students must be tested before taking courses at a public community college, public technical college, or public university in Texas. It is not an admissions test.

However, the college reserves the right to insist students enroll in the appropriate remediation should assessment results indicate a need for the improvement of skills in reading, writing and/or mathematics.

The Texas Success Initiative, abbreviated as TSI, a state-legislated program designed to improve student success in college, became effective Sept. 1, 2003, and replaced the Texas Academic Skills Program, or TASP. Brookhaven College will continue to assess the academic skills of entering undergraduate students prior to enrollment. Assessment tests are used by advisors to make course recommendations during registration. Referral forms from Advising, the Multicultural Center or Admissions Office are required for all assessment tests. The rules and regulations are posted on the Brookhaven College online catalog. For more information about TSI, please contact an advisor in the Advising Center, Room S113, via e-mail: or, telephone: 972-860-4830.

Assessment tests are given through the Testing Center.

What Assessment Includes

  1. A questionnaire that documents information on career and work plans, previous academic achievement and other relevant information.
  2. An examination of individual skill levels in reading, writing and mathematics. ACT or SAT scores or previous college-level work may qualify; students who have taken TASP or THEA also need their test scores. Scores on standardized tests administered free of charge by Brookhaven College also can be used.
  3. Students should have official copies of ACT, SAT, THEA or TASP scores and transcripts mailed to the Admissions Office or bring them personally at the time of application. It is the responsibility of the student to have these available at the time of enrollment.