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Career Development Center

Building S, Room S065

Career planning is a process involving learning about yourself, exploring career fields and understanding the job market, making career decisions, preparing for the job search and learning life-long job search skills. The Career Development Center provides the following resources and services at no charge to currently enrolled students to assist with this career process:

Career Advising Data Form

For your first appointment with the advisor, please print out the Career Advising Data Form and complete page one. Submit both pages to the Career Development Center prior to your appointment, or bring them with you to the appointment.

Individual Career Advising

Make an appointment with an advisor to discuss any step of your career planning (choosing a major, a career direction, etc.) or to get assistance with your job search. You can set up an appointment by e-mail or calling 972-860-4894.

Career Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory will help you assess your personality type, strengths and interests and which careers may be a match for you. You can set up an appointment by e-mail or calling 972-860-4894.

What Can I Do With This Major?

Whether you are exploring multiple majors or searching for information about your chosen field, What Can I Do With This Major can help. Learn about 80 different majors and how they link to careers. Also, explore the types of employers who hire applicants with those majors and discover strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.

Computerized Career Assessment and Guidance Program

Sigi 3 is a self-paced assessment and information resource to help you in career planning. Choose Sigi3 for access.

Career Resource Library

Research different careers, industry trends, salaries, employers and more using a wide variety of more than 300 books, newspapers and periodicals.

Job Search Handouts

Use these guidelines for direction on how to complete each step of the job search process:

Cover Letters Job Search Tips Scannable Résumé
Dressing for an Interview Networking Staffing Agencies
Informational Interview Persons with Disabilities
Interviewing Résumé Writing

Résumé Assistance

Make an appointment with an advisor to help create or update your résumé or refer to the Cover Letters and Résumé Writing Job Search Handouts or any related books in the Career Resource Library.

Mock Interviewing

Make an appointment with an advisor to participate in a practice interview. You will receive feedback to help fine tune your interview skills.  Take a look at the Dressing for an Interview and Interviewing Job Search Handouts to help you prepare for your mock interview.

Job Listings

Internet Access

Access career planning resources, company Web sites and job listings on the Internet.

On-campus Recruiting

Representatives from local companies visit the Brookhaven College campus on a regular basis. Check with the center for company recruiting dates. Have your résumé ready and plan to meet and possibly interview with these employers.

Career Fairs

Each fall and spring many companies visit Brookhaven College to talk informally to students about current and future employment opportunities.  Have your résumé ready!  See the Events page for more information.

Ask an Expert Program

The Ask an Expert Program provides current students with an opportunity to gain valuable information about a career by speaking with a specialist in the field. Specialists are alumni and volunteers or "experts" from the community who sincerely want to help students get a head start on their career. If you are interested, please email or call 972-860-4894 and mention your field of interest. Someone from the Career Development Center will get back to you with the contact information of the expert with whom you may speak. Ask an Expert is an excellent way to gain valuable insight and information.