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Career Development Center

Building S, Room S065
Mario Lopez

Student Wins Career Fair Scholarship!

Mario Lopez was the lucky winner of the $300 Career Development Center scholarship at the fall 2013 Career Fair Sept. 26! He plans to finish his basics at Brookhaven College before transferring on to a four-year university where he will pursue his goal of obtaining a degree in medical engineering.

Congratulations, Mario!

What Others are Saying about the Career Development Center and Staff...

Career Development Center has been so helpful in helping me build my resume and also preparing me for a job interview with a mock interview. The staff is so helpful, and very attentive to my needs, that I never feel alone. I recommend the Career Development Center to anyone who needs assistance in obtaining a job.

Rebecca N. Jimenez, student at Brookhaven College

My appointment at the Career Development Center was very interesting and beneficial. I learned how to make an efficient resume and cover letter; and I acquired interview tips through the Mock Interview. With this knowledge, I feel more confident when I am applying for a job.

Meta Mukala, student at Brookhaven College

For several semesters, the Career Development Center at Brookhaven has been a fantastic resource for my Human Development and Education classes. All of my students are required to take career interest and personality inventories. Each semester the CDC staff visits our classroom and provides group interpretations of these assessments. It is always a lively, “information-filled” session, presented in a professional manner. Students continue to express how pleased they are with what they have learned about themselves regarding possible career choices.

Jeri Evans, Instructor

My appointment helped me tremendously. I left feeling reassured that I was on the right track with my degree and career plan based on my test results. I also was given information on resume writing and I reformatted my resume and used a lot of the buzz words found on the handout and got five interviews in a week! It was awesome! I also just got a job offer so I feel really good about the help and information I got from the counselor at the Career Development Center. Thank you so much for helping me; it really was worth the time to take the tests and meet with someone who gave me a lot of confidence and feel good feelings about where my path is going at this point in my life.

Alexandra Smith, student at Brookhaven College

Anonymous student testimonials

"Adam gave a lot of positive feedback. Very helpful!"

“It was a wonderful experience.”

“They helped me confirm my career choice.”

“I appreciate the daily service they offer. May God bless them.”

“Adam, thank you for the excellent service. This session has helped me tremendously.”

“This is a great resource for students and I will be referring students to the Career Development Center.”

“Great explanations of the (Career Assessment) results and instructions…caring and thoughtful.”

“Kate was very helpful and extremely friendly! Great job, I felt very satisfied after I left my appointment.”

“Adam, I would recommend that every student consult with someone in the career development center.”

“Thank you Kate for providing this wonderful service, especially for free. It is most helpful!”

“The advisor was very professional, proficient, efficient, friendly, and highly skilled in multitasking and maintaining a hospitable affect to all parties. An asset to Brookhaven.”

“I’m glad to have a good understanding of my career assessment results. Thank you for your time today!”

“I’ve got a great resume now!”

“Kate gave personal, customized advice and suggestions that I could implement immediately.”

“Taking the career assessment tests is a good way of helping students find and define a career path.”

“It was great! More students should do this.”

“Kate was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns.”

“Kate was really nice and helpful. Test results were scary, too true! Thanks.”

“Overall, it’s a good way of helping students define and find career paths.”