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College Checklist

Stay in School!

From left to right, students Luis Perez, Serafin
Guzman, Ayleen Garcia and Jonathan Ricado hail
from area high schools: W.T. White, W.T. White,
Newman Smith and Thomas Jefferson, respectively.

Take life one step at a time. Concentrate on getting good grades, developing excellent study habits and graduating from high school. To be best-prepared for a college career, graduate from high school with the Recommended Program.

As you near the end of your high school career, begin making visits to various college campuses. You need to get a feel for the atmosphere of each school and ensure the college you chose is the right fit for you.

Apply For Admission

Get an application from the admissions desk on campus, or fill one out online. Thanks to our open admissions policy, you will be accepted upon completion. Welcome, to Brookhaven College!

Find Financial Aid

You won’t know if you’re eligible for a grant, scholarship or any financial aid until you apply. The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Get your Personal Identification Number online at, then apply at

Other good online resources:

Once our Financial Aid office approves your awards, you will see it credited to your account in our student portal, eConnect.

Be sure to budget for non-tuition costs, as well. Indirect college costs for books, supplies, personal expenses and transportation can differ significantly from one college to another. They depend on factors such as your lifestyle and major. Don't get caught by surprise. Think about ways you can keep your expenses low, then create a reasonable budget for yourself — and stick to it. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

See an Advisor

The importance of consulting with an academic advisor cannot be stressed enough. Advisors are ready to help you plan and stay on your path to success.

Advisors can address:

For quick questions, students may see an advisor on a walk-in basis. For course scheduling, long-range planning or counseling, please call 972-860-4830 or e-mail for an appointment to ensure enough time for customized assistance. One to two months prior to the first day of classes is the ideal time to visit with an advisor – long before lines form.

What’s Your Goal?

If you’re unsure about which major or career path to choose, the Career Center can help. Professional career counselors are ready to assist you in making career decisions, learning lifelong job-search skills and finding employment. Job opportunities can be found through on-campus recruiting or our job listing from outside employers. Also available within the center are career tests, consultation with career counselors, assistance with resume writing, mock interview and access to computerized career planning programs.