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Multicultural Center

Bldg. S, Room S136

How might I lose my F-1 status?

You might lose your F-1 status in several ways. For example:

How can I get back into valid F-1 status?

If you have lost status as a result of any of the reasons listed above EXCEPT by working in violation of F-1 status, you may apply for reinstatement within the U.S. You must apply within five months of the infraction. When you are reinstated, you must be in a valid status situation. For example, you must be a full-time student. If you lost status as a result of working in violation of F-1 status, please consult an advisor.

When can I apply for reinstatement?

How long does immigration take to adjudicate a reinstatement application?

There is no set time. We estimate three to four months.

Am I allowed to register at Brookhaven College while immigration considers my application?


Am I allowed to work while immigration considers my application?


Am I allowed to begin work again after immigration approves my reinstatement?


What if USCIS denies my application?

It is important to discuss your case with an international advisor before applying for reinstatement to make sure you have a good case. If it is denied, you will need to travel outside the U.S. Most likely your Visa stamp will be canceled, and you will have to apply for your Visa stamp in your home country. If you are denied, meet with an international advisor immediately to make plans for an I-20 to use for travel and re-entry.

What is the procedure for reinstatement?

Submit the below materials to the Multicultural Center:
  1. Updated original I-20 copy
  2. Financial documents, including an Affidavit of Support and three months of bank statements
  3. Original I-94 card
  4. Copy of passport, valid for at least the next six months
  5. Transcripts from all schools attended in the U.S.
  6. Completed I-539 form
  7. Money order or certified bank check made out to Department of Homeland Security for $290
  8. Copy of current course registration, paid fee receipt and current degree plan
  9. If student has been Out of Status for more than five months, include payment receipt of I-901 fee
  10. Written statement which includes the following (if they are true):
    • The reason you are asking for reinstatement (be prepared to submit documentation supporting these circumstances).
    • That the violation of status resulted from circumstances beyond your control, or that failure to be reinstated would result in extreme hardship to you.
    • That you are currently pursuing a full course of study at Brookhaven College
    • That you have not engaged in unauthorized employment.
    • That you are not deportable on any ground other than overstaying or failure to maintain status.
  11. Student is responsible for making two sets of copies of all documents before mailing originals.
    Regular Postal Delivery:
    P.O. Box 660166
    Dallas, TX 75266

    Express Mail and Courier Deliveries:
    USCIS, ATTN: I-539
    2501 S. State Highway 121 Business, Suite 400
    Lewisville, TX 75067

    **We strongly recommend that you send by "Certified Mail" to ensure proof of submittal**