Brookhaven College

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Brookhaven College Police Department

Bldg. B, Room B200


The Chief of the Brookhaven College Police Department or a designee will develop timely warning notices for the college community to notify members of the community about serious crimes against people that occur on campus, where it is determined that the incident may pose an ongoing threat to members of the Brookhaven College community. These warnings will be distributed if the incident is reported either to Brookhaven College Police directly or to the college police indirectly through a campus security authority or the Farmers Branch Police Department.

The department issues/posts Crime Alerts for the following incidents.

The Bookhaven College Police department will draft the timely warning notice containing the proposed crime alert and forward it to the Marketing and Public Information Office. This office will review and revise the text as needed, and then transmit the email containing the crime alertt to the college as a blast email. Updates to the college community about any particular case resulting in a crime alert also may be distributed electronically via blast email or posted on the college’s website.

At the same time the college police forwards the email containing the proposed crime alert to Marketing and Public Information, the police also will forward it to the Vice President of Business Services and necessary administrators, or his/her designees, and to the College President, for their review and possible distribution to trustees, officers or staff as they deem necessary and appropriate.

Crime alerts also may be posted in campus buildings, when deemed necessary. When a crime alert is posted in campus buildings, it shall be printed on colored paper and be posted in the lobby/entrance area of the affected building(s) for seven days. A list of the buildings where crime alerts may be posted is maintained by the Brookhaven College Police Department.

Crime alerts are filed in the case jacket with the corresponding incident report.

The college police department does not issue crime alerts for the above listed crimes if any the following cases occur.

  1. The department apprehends the subject(s) and the threat of imminent danger for members of the Brookhaven College community has been mitigated by the apprehension.
  2. If a report was not filed with college police or if college police was not notified of the crime in a manner that would allow the department to post a “timely” warning for the community. A general guideline will include a report that is filed more than five days after the date of the alleged incident, as this may not allow BHC PD to post a “timely” warning to the community. This type of situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
The department also maintains a daily crime log, which is normally updated each business day and contains all crimes reported to College Police, located in Bldg. B, Room B200. The information for the last three years is posted on the college’s crime statistics website.