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Marketing Services


Rebecca Hertz

Rebecca is the front-line for the CMCS Office. She answers the phones for the main line of the college and keeps our office running. She can help clients track their on-going projects and assist those who want to get an overview of the different services and process of the CMCS Office.

Meridith Danforth

Meridith leads the CMCS staff and oversees the assignment of projects, advertising and budgets, and the general operation of the CMCS Office. She works with content for the Web and for print, produces layout and design, manages the digital screens throughout the college, and works with clients throughout the college to design marketing plans and strategies for events, classes and programs. Her responsibilities also include answering the general inquiry emails for the college, managing the schedule build processes, processing the syllabi and vita sent to district for HB2504, and district-wide marketing partnerships.


The position of Marketing and Advertising Coordinator is currently vacant. This person acts as the editor and chief reporter for the Courtyard Chatter, coordinates media purchases and external advertising for the college, manages the marquees, and writes and edits some of the news releases and internet and print content needed for various projects.


Oslynn Williams and Tim Williams (no relation)

Our graphic design team has more than 25 years of graphic design experience and can create compelling, effective visual design to convey meaning and draw interest. Print production, including an understanding of the papers and inks to use, is just one skill our designers share. While each has their own areas of expertise, our creative services staff can creatively produce video pieces from storyboard to final cut with music beds and digital animation too. Timing is key in building a creative graphic solution because while a flier can be built in just a few hours, the piece that will grab student or community attention could take a lot longer.


Raymond Imaican

Raymond is a programmer and Web developer, which means that his true talents lie not in updating content on the Web, but instead in building solutions online. If there is a Web form or application that would help you in gathering data or your students in finding and understand information, then Raymond can help.

Madeline Bottoni

There are two pieces to every Web presence, the back-end that most never see and the front-facing content that is what “customers” see and use. This is Maddy’s purpose. She works with clients to build good content that meets best practices in Web design and development.