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Society For Advancement Of Management - Brookhaven College Chapter

Brookhaven College students interested in management are invited to join a new chapter of the Society for Advancement of Management, SAM.

Right now, while you’re in college you can:

  • Gain management experience.
  • Make valuable business contacts.
  • Strengthen your resume with a well respected professional credential.
  • Meet with students and professionals who share similar interests.

It can all happen to you when you join your local campus chapter of SAM!

Brookhaven College Campus Purpose

The campus division mission is to assist in furthering the practice of professional management through the interaction of students, faculty and operating managers. The members of the campus chapter administer the activities of the campus chapter with the help of a member of the faculty acting in an advisory capacity.

Membership Criteria

Students must be enrolled at Brookhaven College and have an interest in management. Brookhaven College students may become members of the Brookhaven College campus chapter, having met the following requirements:

  • Brookhaven College students who have an interest in management, and have a 2.5 GPA.
  • Approval of the application by the campus chapter board of directors,
  • Receipt of the campus chapter dues and also by receipt of the national dues by SAM International Headquarters.

Other members of the SAM National organization, but not the Brookhaven College chapter, may include those membership categories found on the SAM National Membership Application.

Code Of Ethics

Members of SAM aspire to the highest standards of professional conduct. A SAM member will model ethical and professional behavior through actions, not just words — avoiding the appearance of improper conduct. Managers, academicians and student members of SAM are to reflect the following values: integrity; fairness; loyalty to the Society and the institution each represents; objectivity in work and relationships; diligence in duties; avoiding conflicts of interest; guarding confidences; promoting non-discrimination; supporting the goals of the Society; giving the best performance to duties, efforts and thought; and assisting in the ethical and professional development of the next generation of managers.
(Adopted by SAM International Board of Directors on July 24, 1999.)

For more information about SAM, please visit SAM's Web site:

SAM Membership Application - Print out your application and send it to Marisa Walsdorf at the address below along with your check.


For more information about the Brookhaven College chapter, please contact:
Marisa Walsdorf
Business Studies Division
Management Program