Tuition Information
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General Tuition Information

Tuition is the dollar amount a student pays for his or her academic instruction. It is based on credit hours and place of legal residence. Tuition rates are subject to change, without notice, by DCCCD's board of trustees and by the State of Texas.

Category of Tuition

  • Dallas County Residents - $52 per credit hour with a $52 minimum
  • Other Texas Residents - $97 per credit hour with a $97 minimum
  • Out-of-State/Out-of-Country - $153 per credit hour with a $200 minimum

Distance Learning Students

Most distance learning students who reside outside of Texas and have not maintained Texas as their residency of record, a distance learning tuition of $55 per credit hour (a minimum of $165 for 3 credit hours or less) shall be charged in addition to out-of-state or out-of-country tuition. This charge may be adjusted for third party payers who have established a distance learning partnership with the District and provide contracted services in lieu of payment of all or a portion of the distance learning tuition.

Ad Valorem Taxation

Texas residents, who own property subject to ad valorem taxation by the DCCCD, or dependents of such persons, may pay tuition at the rate of residents of Dallas County. If a senior citizen (person 65 years or older) who resides in or owns property subject to ad valorem taxation in Dallas County enrolls in credit courses, DCCCD colleges will waive a maximum of six hours tuition each semester or summer session if space is available.

Living in Texas for less than 12 months

An individual who has moved to Texas and enrolled before having resided here for 12 months immediately preceding registration, and his or her dependents, may be entitled to pay the tuition required of Texas residents. Such an individual 1) must be an employee of a business or organization that is part of Texas' economic development and diversification program, and 2) must file with the college a letter of intent to establish residency in Texas.

Third Attempts

Effective for Fall Semester 2005, the Dallas County Community Colleges charges a higher tuition rate to students registering the third or subsequent time for a course. All third and subsequent attempts of the majority of credit and Continuing Education/Workforce Training courses will result in higher tuition to be charged. Developmental Studies and some other courses will not be charged a higher tuition rate. Third attempts include courses taken at any of the Dallas County Community Colleges since the Fall 2002 semester. The additional tuition charge is $50 per credit hour for classes taken a third or more times. See the Third Attempt Web site for additional information.