Tuition Information
Bldg. S, Room S054

Tuition Payment Options

Brookhaven College Accepts Several Forms of Payment

Payment by installment plan, cash or check
  • Cash/Check
  • Credit Card
  • Tuition Installment Plan

When paying your tuition by cash/check:

  1. submit a preprinted check with the driver’s license number and birth date of the person who signed the check, and
  2. the student’s Brookhaven College student identification number written on the front of the check.

When paying your tuition by credit card:

You may pay with a credit card using a computer through the Brookhaven College online service known as eConnect.

To pay online:

When paying your tuition by TIP

TIPP logo

The Tuition Installment Plan, TIP, is available only during the fall and spring terms. It will be available when you register.


  • Students may now sign up for the TIP online! Visit, access the "Credit Student Menu," then select "Setup/Update My Pay Plan" and follow the instructions carefully.
  • On or before the payment due date on the registration summary, you may initiate the TIP online, or see any cashier to sign up in person.
  • Be prepared to pay 50 percent of the total tuition plus a $15 non-refundable, one-time setup charge.
  • ONLY the student can sign the promissory note. No other person is permitted to sign.
  • TIP availability and changes end Jan. 25, the first Friday of the semester. You must set up your TIP payment plan by the due date on your registration summary.
  • If you add an additional 16-week course to your initial TIP set-up, be prepared to pay 50 percent of that course on the same day and "Update My Payment Plan." Any changes to your initial TIP set-up, including adds/drops, requires an "Update My Payment Plan."
  • Any unpaid courses may be dropped by the college’s system.
  • Courses added after Jan. 16 and flex term courses are not eligible for the payment plan and must be paid in full that same day.

First installment payment of 25 percent is due by: Feb. 20

Final installment payment of 25 percent is due by: April 3

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not send out invoices or mail reminders. It is the student’s responsibility to make installment payments in a timely fashion. A $10 late fee is assessed for late payments. Due dates are stated on the promissory note.

Tuition Payment Due Dates

Check your registration summary receipt for the payment due date. You may view the same information online through eConnect.

All payments must be received by the due date printed on your registration summary to avoid cancellation of registration.