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Access the Internet free on campus

Student using wireless network.

Wireless internet is accessible in all student-use areas on campus, with an emphasis placed on student common areas such as the cafeteria and library. Currently, the Brookhaven College IT Department is adding additional wireless access points to further expand wireless coverage into instructional areas.

Note: The following instructions are only for PCs. Macs simply need to turn on the AirPort and connect to thedcccd-wirelessnetwork.

System Requirements: Windows must be set up for automatic updates (and be up-to-date). Antivirus and anti-malware software must be installed and be up-to-date.

Follow these directions via PowerPoint presentation.

To connect:

To use the Internet:

You can now use DCCCD wireless!

To ensure usability:

To have your computer automatically connect to the network, follow these steps:

Now your computer will automatically connect when in range!