Inclement Weather, Health and/or Emergency Closings
972-860-4200, Student Inclement Weather Information
972-860-4100, Employee Inclement Weather Information
972-860-4700, College Main Number

Inclement Weather, Health and/or Emergency Closings

In the rare and unlikely occurrence that may cause the immediate closing of the college, such as ice, tornado warnings, a hostile intruder or health precaution, relevant information will be posted to the college's Web site, broadcast to the major media and disseminated through social media, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Brookhaven College's home Web page will display a notification of any closings, delays or advisories. If there is no notice of changes or delays, then classes are in session as usual. You also may refer to announcements on major television and radio stations in the event that the Brookhaven College Internet site is not operational.

It is each student’s and employee’s responsibility to be informed when weather, health or emergency closings may be likely by checking the major broadcast media, the college's main number, 972-860-4700, or the Web site: Unexpected closings will be handled by closings of the main entry gates to the college, but every effort will be made to notify students and employees in advance, whenever possible.

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