Inclement Weather, Health and/or Emergency Closings
972-860-4200, Student Inclement Weather Information
972-860-4100, Employee Inclement Weather Information
972-860-4700, College Main Number
Employees call 972-860-4100 from 5:45-6:15 a.m. to avoid overloading the DCCC phone system.

For Employee Use Only
Updated Dec. 2008

In the event that there is a question as to whether the DCCCD will be closed due to inclement weather, the following telephone procedures have been developed by the District Office of Communications to help ensure that you receive your information in a timely manner.

The Dallas County Community College District and Brookhaven College home pages will display a notification of any closings or delays. If there is no notice of changes or delays, then classes are in session as usual. You also may refer to announcements on major television and radio stations in the event that the DCCCD or Brookhaven College Internet sites are not operational.

The call-in time assigned to
Brookhaven College is
5:45-6:15 a.m.

FYI: Students should call in to a different telephone number.

The student call-in period is 5:45-6:30 a.m.

Student Inclement Weather Hotline Number: 972-860-4200

  1. On the morning of the inclement weather, dial the Hotline number: 972-860-4100.
    You will hear a recorded message informing you of closings or late openings.
  2. If there IS a closing or late-opening message, what do you do next?
    1. If you are not a main number on campus, no further action is required.
    2. If you are a main number on campus, dial into your mailbox and place a closing greeting that will inform callers of our closing by completing the following steps.
      1. Call the DCCCD Voice-mail System at 972-860-7444.
      2. When the System answers, press the asterisk key: *.
      3. Next, enter your ID number, which is your extension number.
      4. The System will ask for your passcode; enter it.
      5. When system says “Hello, ...”, follow these steps:
        1. Press the number 4 for set-up options.
        2. Then, press the number 1 for greetings.
        3. Choose the greeting that you currently have turned on (i.e. your standard or alternate greeting), and record your information about the DCCCD closing or late-opening message there. The system will walk you through this.
        4. When you get back to work, remember to record a standard greeting for normal weather.
  3. What will you do if you get a busy signal?
    Because everyone at Brookhaven College will be dialing in at the same time, you may experience a busy signal. If so, just hang up and try your call again, as lines should be freed up quickly. All DCCCD locations have different call-in times.
  4. How will you know if we are opening/closing the following day?
    Dial into the Inclement Weather Hotline, and follow the steps in number 1 above.
FYI: The Brookhaven College Inclement Weather Hotline also may be used as needed throughout the year by the college Safety Committee to help disseminate information in case of important seasonal weather-related news or other emergency.