Inclement Weather, Health and/or Emergency Closings
972-860-4200, Student Inclement Weather Information
972-860-4100, Employee Inclement Weather Information
972-860-4700, College Main Number

Weather Alerts and Evacuations

Tornado Watch = Weather conditions are favorable for a tornado.
Tornado Warning = A funnel cloud has been spotted in the area.

Know what to do!

In the event of a severe weather event, you will be notified by campus Police to evacuate. All employees should assist students and visitors in a safe and orderly evacuation.

Tornado and Weather-Related Shelter Areas

If you are in building Move to a room listed below.
A restrooms, break room, mail room
B B210, B212, B214, B215, or, for overflow, B304
C make-up room in the performance hall, C205, C212, C214, C215, restrooms
D D126, lower level piano rooms and hallways
F F106, F111, F130, F132, F133, restrooms
G G105, G114, restrooms
H H104, H105, H112, H113, H114, H124, H126, H129, H130, restrooms
J J1 15, J1 16, J1 17, J1 18, J1 19, J1 08, restrooms
K-West K128, K130, K133, K134, K136, K138, K141, restrooms, hallways
K-East K108, 109, K115, K116, K120, K121, K123, hallways
L L104, L109, L110, L118, L121, restrooms**
**If lower level becomes overcrowded, move up one level.
M M115, M116, M117, M118, M121, M124, M133, M135, M136, M137, restrooms
P P106, P111, P117, P119, P121, P122, P123, P130, restrooms
Q Q102, Q103, Q106, Q107, Q109, Q113, Q114, restrooms**
**If lower level becomes overcrowded, go to Q201.
R R105, R106, R107, R108, restrooms
S S078, S079, S081, S113, break room, restrooms
T T100, T101, T108, T109 (locker rooms), T110, T116, T120, T123, T130, T131
T, Hallway T243, 244, restrooms, hallway
Temps 1-9 Bldg. H areas; however, if unable to reach Bldg. H areas, lie face down in the closest ditch and cover your head.