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Jacob Bullock

An unlikely path leads to success for Brookhaven graduate

Jacob Bullock is a bright and captivating young man who is definitely going places. He is also a Brookhaven College graduate. After earning an Associate in Arts degree from Brookhaven in May 2016, he received the North Texas Community College Scholarship to attend SMU and pursue a three-year theatre studies track at the Meadows School of the Arts.

Bullock said he got the acting bug during his senior year at Crandall High School, but didn’t know where to start to build a career around theatre. After graduation, he attended one semester of online classes at a private university to focus on writing. But it was expensive, and he wasn’t sure writing was what he wanted to do.

“I started thinking about community college to get my basics done, and a friend recommended Brookhaven College,” he said.

That was three years ago and Bullock has become a familiar face in Theatre Brookhaven productions. He has been cast in every show he has auditioned for the college.

He is quick to credit Brookhaven College for setting him on a path to a bright future and grateful for the support and encouragement provided by Brookhaven faculty, Lisa Devine, Michael Robinson and especially Darise Error.

“She (Error) never treats a student as a transaction,” he said. “She’s honest and helps to find the seed that needs to blossom.”

Months before graduation, Bullock started applying to schools and finally decided his best option was the musical theatre program at University of Northern Colorado. The prospect of attending SMU was not a serious consideration due to the high cost of tuition. However, when he was notified in February that he had been accepted into the theatre program, he began to reconsider his decision.

“I got the letter, but I knew there was no way because of the cost,” he said. “Then I decided that if I did get admitted to both the university and the program, I’d do it regardless of the cost.”

Two months later, he received notification that he had indeed been accepted and awarded the Honors Transfer Scholarship, which would cover half of his tuition.

But the golden ticket was the NTCC Scholarship. Out of 150 applicants, 26 were selected to interview and Bullock was one of 10 recipients of the full-tuition scholarship. Suddenly, the least likely option became his path.

His time at Brookhaven College was a time of discovery and preparation for the future. For Jacob Bullock, a smart start opened a world of opportunity.

“I would recommend Brookhaven College for the place to get started – get the basics and achieve an associate degree,” he said. “For me, Brookhaven was a happy accident and now I’m going to one of the nation’s top schools.”