What is a Book Haven?

Brookhaven's Book Havens are mini-libraries located all across the campus. Each library houses books on a variety of topics, donated by Half-Price Books as well as Brookhaven employees and students.

You are encouraged to browse the shelves for a book that interests you, take it home to read at your leisure, return it when you are finished, and take another! Since June of 2015, over 4,000 books and magazines have been taken and read from one of our 18 Book Haven locations. Join us by picking up a book and begin reading!

Are Book Havens popular with students? YES!

Read a Book Haven success story!

Book Havens Feed Student's Appetite for Reading

For Brookhaven student, Carlton Masvikeni, reading is more than just a way to pass the time. After reading A Time to Kill, he began looking for other John Grisham novels and found one on the shelf of a Book Haven. To date, he has read 10 of the author's novels, all from Brookhaven's 20 mini libraries.

When asked if reading for pleasure positively impacts his academic performance, Masvikeni explains that it has developed his imagination and ability to visualize text. "If you can see it, you can relate to it. You have to see it to remember it." It's a skill vital to his plans to study neuroscience and psychology at University of Texas at Dallas next fall.

A quiet young man, he explains, "I don't really talk. I read." And he encourages other Brookhaven students to visit a Book Haven and try reading as well.

What do Book Havens look like?

In hallways, corridors and in out-of-the-way corners, you can find small book shelves filled with items to pick up and read whenever you'd like. Each Book Haven has its own district look. Here are just a few.

Where Can I Find a Book Haven?

book haven photo

Treetop Cafe (Building S, 2nd floor)

book haven photo

Building K, near Room K250

book haven photo

Building L, Near Room L367
book haven photo

BuildingT, near Room T303

​Bldg. B

Bldg. D

Bldg. E

Bldg. J

Bldg. K
​Bldg. L

Bldg. M

Bldg. S
Treetop Café

Bldg. T

Bldg. W

Bldg. X