Reading: The App for Life

What App are You Using?

Reading: The App for Life” is the official motto of our Quality Enhancement Plan. We at Brookhaven College know that promoting and encouraging the act of reading stimulates learning and deepens comprehension, which contributes greatly to student success. Greater readers become greater thinkers!

Okay, so that covers the reading part; how do apps fit in?

Well, nowadays most of us are familiar with what “apps” are. We find them on our cellphones, tablets, laptops and computers. They’re a way we can interact with the world to learn, to have fun and to share new experiences. We can use them anywhere, for many purposes, be it writing an essay, reading a story and sharing your review about the latest movie release.

The act of reading is our very own built-in app. It promotes curiosity which increases exploration. It allows us to learn from the past, apply to the present and prepare for the future. It is our active engagement in reading that makes the invisible world visible. It is a process, a beautifully interactive, fully immersible process, which can thrive alone or in groups. Reading is pure enjoyment because reading is play. It is most profound, though, when it changes the way we live.

Grab something to read – psychological, scientific, historical, poetic. Curl up with a hardcover on the couch, carry a paperback to the beach, take your Kindle to a quiet coffee shop, open it up and begin reading.

Make READING Your App for Life.

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