QEP Reading Workshop Resources

QEP Reading Workshop Resources

The QEP frequently offers reading skills workshops and training. The presentations below are from some of our workshops and may provide you with valuable tips on how to implement important reading strategies.

You’re Probably Already Doing It

This presentation offers advice on how to help your students see the value of reading their textbooks, as well as practical before, during and after reading tips to ensure they get the most out of their reading.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Assessing prior knowledge is a powerful strategy whether for individual assignments or the course as a whole. Discover practical ways to assess and use prior knowledge in your classroom to avoid pitfalls and maximize learning.

You Want Me to Do What?

Annotating and note taking are essential skills in any college course. Three Brookhaven instructors share the practical and creative ways they teach their students to effectively annotate.

To Make a Long Story Short

Students are often asked to summarize textbook chapters, journal articles, and other materials. This presentation helps take the mystery out of what to include, what to leave out, and how to write an effective summary.

How to Read and Study for Anatomy and Physiology

Science texts are among the most rigorous to read and comprehend and many students are not prepared for the challenge. This presentation offers practical tips for how to read and study for A&P, but can be easily adapted to other science courses, as well.