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Green Catering

Brookhaven College is committed to sustainable practices that promote learning, as well as social, environmental and economic vitality. As part of the college’s ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, the following guidelines have been developed for all who use Brookhaven College facilities - students, employees and community members.

Why catering guidelines?

From plates, cups and serving trays, to leftover food, catered events tend to create a lot of waste. Plan thoughtfully in order to follow the guidelines and fully participate in the college’s efforts to reduce waste and conserve energy.



  • A recycling container will be placed in the meeting room for your use.
  • Brookhaven College promotes single stream recycling. Clean paper, plastic bottles, plastics marked with the recycle logo, and aluminum cans – may be deposited into a recycling receptacle.
  • Please empty bottles and cans before recycling.

Cater Smart

  • Styrofoam catering disposables are not allowed.
  • Use biodegradable or compostable disposables such as plates, cups and cutlery.
  • Family style catering is cost effective and generates less waste overall.
  • Avoid products individually packaged in plastic.
  • Ask your caterer to provide recyclable platters, serving dishes and serving ware.
  • Best – plan for zero waste by using plates, cups, cutlery and serving dishes that can be washed and reused. Use cloth tablecloths, not plastic.


  • Inform your guests about the “green” catering guidelines and request their compliance.

Think about other ways to reduce waste at your event. Use paper nametags instead of plastic. Print on both sides of paper, or better, eliminate hand-outs by using the whiteboard or computer projector. Ask participants to carpool.