Recycle Right Video Transcript


Open: Guitar strumming in the background


Hi, there. Recycling isn't always clear and simple. Sometimes it's confusing. So we've designed a little game to show you where things go. You just have to figure out what belongs where to win. 

We have a recycle bin and a trash can to help you with this game. You might have seen them around the college. So, let's start. 

An empty plastic bottle. Papers. Waste food. Unclean glass. Clean glass can be recycled. Plastic. An empty metal can. Plastic ware. Battery. Styrofoam.

If you answered these questions correctly then you are ready to recycle right. Congratulations. If not, now you know which items can be recycled. Big changes start with small steps in the right direction.

Thank you for taking a step towards a cleaner and safer environment for us all.

(music fades)