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Recycling at Brookhaven

Recycling is an easy way everyone can practice sustainability. Recycling preserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces waste in landfills, cuts down on pollution and mitigates global warming. Brookhaven College offers many recycling opportunities.

Please reference our Recycling Resources Map​ for locations of the following collections on campus.

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Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling is practiced at Brookhaven College which creates an easier, more convenient way to pitch in. All recyclables may be deposited into any blue bin on campus without consideration for separating materials.

These items are recyclable:

  • aluminum cans,
  • cardboard,
  • glass bottles,
  • paper (including newspaper), and
  • plastic containers.

Printer Cartridges

Used personal printer cartridges and cell phones are collected at the following locations. Collections help fund Green Team Coalition activities with the help of the Funding Factory.

  • School of the Arts - Outside Bldg. D, Room D123
  • Elevator - Building L, third level
  • Workroom - Bldg. A, Room A221
Please note large printer cartridges used in college property are returned to the college vendor by calling the Facilities Office at ext. 4115.


​Household Batteries

Single-use alkaline batteries do not contain heavy metals, but they do contain materials that can be recycled. Recycle household batteries at the battery-shaped drop-off box in the Commons Courtyard.


​Cooking Grease and Oils

Brookhaven College is a drop-off location for Cease the Grease​, a City of Dallas program that collects and recycles cooking fats, oils and grease (FOG). Proper disposal of FOG is important because when poured down household drains, FOG can harden, clog pipes and cause sewers to overflow. Our Cease the Grease site is located at the rear of the parking area west of Building W.

Tennis Balls

Used tennis balls can be restored and reused. Deposit used tennis balls in the can on the south side of the college tennis courts.


E-waste relates primarily to electronics that contain toxic and hazardous materials, which can leach into our soil and water. It is important to keep e-waste out of landfills, recover the useful materials and refurbish the equipment that can be reused. Brookhaven College collaborates with our e-waste vendor, eRecycler, at our annual Earth Day Fest to collect electronics and small appliances.​