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At Dallas Community Colleges we operate with a network mentality. This allows us to grow relationships, leverage resources and build on our strengths while meeting the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve.

Our students are an important part of our network and, after their time here, we encourage them to stay connected. Some of our alumni return to speak in the classroom, while others choose to offer an internship at their workplace or sign up for a continuing education class.

Whatever your networking goals, we're happy to connect!

Brookhaven College is working to build interest in an alumni group.

We hear so often from students who have moved on to another college or to their career and they tell us their time at Brookhaven College provided wonderful experiences. Many contact an advisor or tutor who impacted their lives. Many others stay in touch with a professor who inspired or challenged them. 

Upcoming Events

We are in the process of planning for our Fall event. Keep connected with us to make sure you get an invitation.

Get on the alumni list for an invitation, and let us know where you are by sending a message to

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