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Income Tax Reports for International Students

1. All International Students must complete Form 8843.

This form is required to maintain nonresident status and exclude your presence from the Substantial Presence Test. Even students who did not receive any type of income from U.S. sources MUST file Form 8843.

Form 8843 is due by June 15.

Find the Form 8843 online.

2. International Students who worked and received income from U.S. sources must complete Form 8843, AND

  • Form 1040NR, for working F-1 student with dependent; or
  • Form 1040NR-EZ for a working F-1 student without dependents.

Form 1040NR OR Form 1040NR-EZ IS DUE BY APRIL 15.

Find the forms online

All tax forms must be mailed to this address:

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, TX

**NOTE: Contact a tax professional if you need assistance with these forms. Advisors in the Multicultural Center at Brookhaven College cannot assist with government tax preparations. **