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Process for Transferring as an International Student

International Students (F-1 Visa) Applying to Transfer to Brookhaven College

Application Deadlines

To attend during:

Spring semesterJanuary-MayNov. 15
Summer semesterJune-AugustApril 15
Fall semester
August-DecemberJuly 15


All documents must be original or notarized copies and must be received by the appropriate deadline to begin the admission process. The process time may vary and application deadlines are subject to change according to the number of applications received per semester.

There is no fee to apply to Brookhaven College or to receive the I-20. All forms needed for international student admission can be found below.

Documents may be mailed to:

Brookhaven College - Multicultural Center
3939 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch, TX 75244-4997 

Good quality scanned documents may also be sent by email to bhcmulticulturalctr@dcccd.edu.
Faxes or photos will not be accepted.

Required Documents

(Please complete documents in black ink)
  1. Complete the DCCCD Admissions Application.        
    • Name should be written exactly as it appears on the student's passport.
  2. Application for International Student Admission
    We must have accurate student information, including your home country address to issue an I-20.
  3. Evidence of Financial Support
    United States immigration regulations require non-immigrant students to verify that they have the necessary funds available to pay for all educational, living and other expenses while they study in the United States.
    • If the sponsor lives outside of the United States the following documents are required:
    • ​If the applicant is a Self-Sponsored Applicant, the following documents are required:
    • ​If the sponsor lives in the United States, the following documents are required:
      • Affidavit of Support for United States Residents (I-134)
      • An original bank statement showing a minimum current balance of $18,000 U.S. dollars. If the bank statement is in a language other than English, a literal translation to English must be attached to it. 
  4. Student Guidelines to Maintain Legal F-1 Status
  5. Please read carefully the requirements to maintain F-1 status—then sign and return.
  6. Meningitis Vaccine
    • Waiver: Students who are currently enrolled at DCCCD
    • Exception: Students who are 22 years of age or older by the first day of the start of the semester in which they enroll.
    • More information: Please go to the website www.dcccd.edu/meningitis for more information about the state of Texas' requirements, deadlines, exceptions and exemptions.
  7. Copy of Tuberculosis Test result taken in the U.S. within the last year
  8. Copies of most recent I-20, I-94 and visa page
  9. Copies of biographical and expiration date pages of valid passport for at least six (6) months
  10. Official transcripts from all U.S. schools attended
  11. Transfer Eligibility Form​ completed and signed by last school attended.

    *Note: Students who are OUT OF STATUS, have a cumulative GPA below 2.0, or have been placed on academic suspension or dismissal will not be granted transfer admission.

Proof of English Language Proficiency

International Student Financial Guide

Academic year expenses (Estimated average expenses for 9-month academic year)



Living expenses






Students should be prepared to pay tuition in full upon registration.
*These are average cost figures for a single student living away from home. Individual circumstances may vary. Additional financial support must be shown for all dependents.


Please provide the following for all dependents who will accompany the F1 student to the U.S.:
  • Copy of passport biographical page for each dependent
  • Copies of most recent 1-20, 1-94 and visa page for each dependent
  • Copy of proof of relationship for each dependent
  • Additional financial support for each dependent (Spouse: $5,000; Each Child: $3,000)