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Schedule Changes

Student Schedule Changes


Students who wish to change their schedule have the following options — add a course, drop a course, withdraw from a course or completely withdraw from college.

If you are unable to complete the course(s) for which you have registered, it is your responsibility, not that of your instructor, to formally withdraw from the course(s). Failure to do so will result in your receiving a performance grade — usually an “F.”

A “stop payment” order on your check does not drop you from your classes.

Should you have any questions about how to add or drop a course, you may contact an advisor in the Advising Center, Room S113, or ask your question via an e-mail to
Important points to keep in mind

  • There is a deadline each term for students to withdraw from classes.
  • Students may add or drop courses only after the full tuition payment is completely processed through the Brookhaven College Business Office.
  • Students should pay close attention to the days and meeting times for classes.
  • To request a class change, students MUST contact the Advising/Registration Offices during the time specified on the current Admissions Calendar.
  • You may contact an advisor in the Advising Center in the Student Services Center, Bldg. S, Room S113, or call 972-860-4830 to schedule an appointment.
  • No change is complete until it has been appropriately processed through the registration system.
  • n exit interview with an advisor is required before a student can completely or partially withdraw from college.
  • Students may not drop a course by email or telephone notification.
NOTE: If you are a financial aid recipient and you withdraw from all courses prior to the completion of 60 percent of the semester, you may have to re-pay a portion of funding received. For further information, contact the Scholarships/Financial Aid Office, Student Services Center, Room S015, or send an e-mail to

Dropping By Proxy

If circumstances prevent you from dropping or withdrawing, you may have another person drop your enrollment form by proxy. Any person designated as your proxy must have:

  • Your completed Proxy Form authorizing a representative to complete the drop or withdrawal procedure on your behalf. See paragraph above for the drop or withdrawal procedures;
  • Your fully completed Brookhaven College Drop/Withdrawal Form; and
  • Your proper identification that has a photograph, e.g. Driver License or passport.