Breakout Session 2

Breakout Session 2 is from 1-1:50 p.m. 



Urban Farming as Community Development

Don Gatzke
This presentation will describe the development of the La Bajada Urban Youth Farm in Dallas. A collaborative project between the UT Arlington School of Architecture and West Dallas Community Centers, the Farm provides education and employment opportunities for local high school students, as well as a facility for neighborhood activities, and contributes to the "greening" of urban environments.  The presentation will include background on similar urban farm projects.

Don Gatzke is a professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington where he served as dean from 2004–2014. He was on the architecture faculty at Tulane University from 1987-2003 and was dean of architecture from 1997-2003. Gatzke now leads the La Bajada Urban Farm Project and is involved in a number of other community development related projects. In 2014, the Texas Society of Architects presented him with the Romieniec Award for contributions to the profession through extraordinary leadership in design architectural education.

The Art of Beeing

Susan Pollard
Honeybees are an important yet fragile resource. Learn about the important contributions pollinators make to our environment, how they are threatened, and what you can do to protect them. Find out about the health benefits of local honey and about the growing market for this finely crafted sweet stuff.

Susan and her husband Brandon are founders of the Texas Honeybee Guild. Along with caring for approximately 100 hives throughout the Dallas area, the Pollards promote the health and well-being of bees through educational outreach and advocacy. They or Guild reps can be found almost weekly at the Dallas Farmers Market or White Rock Market where they offer their delicious wares.  

What the Scientists Say about Climate Change

Mary Warren
photo of Mary WarrenClimate Reality Project has assembled this presentation based on input and advice from world-renowned scientists in order to educate the general public on climate change. We will cover the scientific evidence, the resulting extreme weather events and the implications for worldwide water supplies, food supplies and spread of diseases. We will conclude with what we as citizens can do to prevent, protect and adapt.

Mary Warren is a retired education consultant now caring for her grandchildren and trying to save the world through political activism. Mary was given the opportunity through an issue-advocacy organization to be trained on the Climate Reality Project presentation on climate change. In return, she is bound to offer this presentation to as many community groups as possible. 

Climate Change Impacts on Public Health

Jim Schermbeck
Jim SchermbekWhat are the day-to-day impacts of a changing climate on DFW‘s air quality, water quality and availability and even infectious diseases? It's not just polar bears and butterflies that are affected. In this century, climate change could drastically change how people live and die in North Texas.

Jim Schermbeck is a North Texas native and a veteran of the local environmental movement. He is director of the 20-year-old local clean air group Downwinders at Risk and has been active in almost every local environmental controversy since the 1970s.

Texas Water 101

Rita Beving
photo of Rita BevingGet an introduction to Texas water issues. Learn who controls water planning statewide and locally. Find out some of the latest discussions on proposed plans to meet DFW's future water needs through 2070. And get practical tips we as consumers can implement to save water in our homes and neighborhoods. 

Rita Beving is the North Texas outreach coordinator for Clean Water Fund, a national, nonprofit research and education organization that works on issues relating to water, waste, toxics and natural resources. Rita has worked on a variety of environmental issues for more than 20 years. She is a past organizer and lobbyist for Public Citizen in Texas and has served as a national facilitator for Sierra Club on conservation-related programs.

Fracking, Global Warming and Population Growth: Their Impact on Sustainability

Fred Busche
photo of Fred BuscheThe choices we make now to use renewable or nonrenewable energy sources will affect worldwide population and climate preservation and will shape the future. What is the appropriate mix of energy sources? What will be the environmental impact? Learn about important details to guide our choices for a desirable, sustainable future.

Dr. Busche earned his BS and his MS in geology from the University of Illinois and the University of Hawaii, respectively. His Ph.D. in terrestrial and extra terrestrial geochemistry was completed at the University of New Mexico. Fred has worked for Westinghouse, Shell Oil, US EPA and IBM and was chair of the Department of Geography/Cartography at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. He teaches as an adjunct professor at Brookhaven College and is CEO of WinTechGeo, LLC, a company specializing in microbiologically enhanced oil recovery. Dr. Busche holds 13 patents ranging from expert systems to computer analysis of organic materials to medical instrumentation. 

Urban Rewilding: Landscaping for Biodiversity

Gary Olp
photo of Gary OlpDrive through any nearby neighborhood, and you most often will see yards and parks planted with the the same types of trees and shrubs. In this presentation, Gary Olp will discuss potential risks of these emerging monocultures and advocate for diverse, climate-appropriate landscaping that will encourage birds, butterflies and wildlife and create a vibrant urban environment.  

Gary Gene Olp directs the highly acclaimed GGO Architects, a boutique green architectural practice in Dallas dedicated to excellence in design and sensitivity to place and the environment. GGO Architects is a general practice established in 1987 to effect a fundamental change in the application of the craft of architecture based on an understanding of environmental stewardship. Gary’s efforts reflect an enterprising approach to energy efficiency, passive solar techniques, natural day lighting, enhanced fresh air systems with an emphasis on reducing construction waste and the use of natural, non-toxic building materials. His firm has secured the USGBC LEED Platinum certification for the Plano Environmental Education Center, LEED Silver LEED certification for the McCommas Bluff Eco-Training Center, Gold level certification for the city of Dallas Northwest Service Center, Silver for the city of Dallas Hampton-Illinois Library and many more. Two of his residential buildings have also received significant achievement awards. Gary's own home was awarded IBO's EVHA Silver Award, Custom Category for Hot Humid Climate in 2005. He has served as a board member on various cultural, educational and civic boards, committees and task forces, including the nonprofit Sustainable Dallas organization. Gary is actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America and is one of the originators and co-chairs of the Committee on the Environment, Dallas Chapter AIA. He is immediate past chairman for the board of the North Texas Chapter of the USGBC.Gary was elected to the American Institute of Architects, Prestigious College of Fellows in 2014.