STEM Lecture Series

The Mathematics and Science Division at Brookhaven College sponsors a speakers series that promotes the STEM professions. These lectures are usually held in the Biology Lecture Hall, Bldg. X, Room X1091.


Past STEM Lecture speakers include

·      Dr. Mark Richards, Imperial College, London. Working with Waves.

·      Tony Napolillo, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club. Solar Energy at a Non-Profit Near You.

·      Cecilia Harris and Joe Florer, Brookhaven College and DCCCD STEM Institute Scholars. Experiences in the NASA Community College Aerospace Scholars (CAS) Program

·      Brenda Costello, Brookhaven College and University of Texas at Dallas. Fossils within the Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina

·      Dr. Susan Reinke, Brookhaven College. Worldwide mass extinctions in the geologic past

·      Steven Biles, McKinney Boyd High and Master Teacher for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Is There Anybody Out There? Mankind's Search for Life Beyond Earth

·      Judah Epstein, Brookhaven College and Schlumberger. An Expedition at the Mars Desert Research Station, MDRS.

·      Dr. H. Gill-King, Brookhaven College and University of North Texas. Using Forensic Science to solve a murder committed in 1687.