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Credit ESOL Courses

English for Speakers of Other Languages

The credit ESOL program is designed to prepare non-native speakers of English to take college-level courses in the U.S.

Credit ESOL Courses

The credit ESOL program consists of 16 main courses (four levels x four skills) plus four supplemental skill development courses.

LevelListening/SpeakingReadingWriting Grammar Supplemental Skill Development
1Listening/Speaking 1Reading 1Writing 1Grammar 1Listing/Speaking
2Listening/Speaking 2Reading 2Writing 2Grammar 2Grammar
3Listening/Speaking 3Reading 3Writing 3Grammar 3Writing
4Listening/Speaking 4Reading 4Writing 4Grammar 4Reading


New students are placed into an appropriate starting level based on the results of a placement test given here at the college. 


Credit ESOL versus Developmental Reading/Writing

The credit ESOL program has some similarities to the developmental reading and writing programs. 
  • The purpose of both credit ESOL and developmental reading/writing is to prepare students for college-level work. 
  • Both credit ESOL courses and developmental reading/writing courses bear developmental (i.e. non-transferable) credit.

However, the credit ESOL program differs from developmental reading/writing in important ways.
  • The credit ESOL program is designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers of English. (Developmental reading and writing, on the other hand, is designed for native English speakers.)
  • The credit ESOL program focuses on all four communication-skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. (In contrast, developmental reading and writing focuses just on reading and writing.)
  • The credit ESOL program gives sustained attention to grammar and vocabulary. (Developmental reading and writing devotes less attention to these areas.)

How to enter the credit ESOL program

If you are interested in entering the credit ESOL program, contact the Brookhaven College Multicultural Center, which is located in the Student Services Center, Bldg. S, Room S136.