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New Mathways Project

An Alternative Way to Learn Math at Brookhaven

What is it?

A set of courses that focus on active learning and real-life math, including statistics. 

For students who place or test into DMAT 0305: a way to complete developmental math requirements faster than going the traditional developmental math route. This could also mean spending less money on tuition, books, and fees. 

    With the foundations course, students can choose
      either class when DMAT 0308 has been    
      successfully completed.


Who is it for?

Students placing or testing into DMAT 0305 or DMAT 0310 in eligible majors and fields of study are encouraged to apply for enrollment in New Mathways Project (NMP) courses.

Who to contact:

Talk to an advisor or math faculty member for more information! To contact an advisor, stop by the Brookhaven College Advising Office or email bhcAdvising@dcccd.edu. To contact a faculty member, email sJackson@dcccd.edu.

List of Majors and Fields of Study Eligible for the New Mathways Project

Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Science (AS) Degrees

Criminal Justice


Foreign Languages


Social Work
Studio Art

Associate of Applied Science Degrees and Certificates 

Accounting AAS (if not planning to transfer)
Accounting Assistant Certificate
Accounting Clerk Certificate
Administrative Support Certificate
Business Admin AAS

Business Marketing AAS

Child Development/Early Childhood Education AAS
Customer Service Rep Certificate
Dealership-Sponsored Automotice Tech AAS
Emergency Medical Tech Basic Certificate
Engine Repair and Performance Technician Certificate
Executive Assistant AAS
Management AAS
Management Certificate
Paramedicine AAS
Paramedicine Level II Certificate
Personal Computer Support AAS
Service Tech AAS

Visual Communications
 - Web Production and
Design AAS