Classes resume Monday, March 30, fully online.
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Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Full-time Faculty

Octavio Gutierrez – chair of the Music Department, director of keyboard studies, piano, keyboard ensemble, music literature, music appreciation
Roy Allen – director of instrumental studies, saxophone, chamber ensemble, lab band
Melody Gamblin-Bullock – director of choral studies, choral society, windsong, music appreciation
Matson A. Topper – director of string studies, violin, viola, string ensemble, music theory, foundations of music, music appreciation, world music

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty are available by phone through the Brookhaven College School of the Arts Office at 972-860-4730.

Melissa Arthur – flute
Kristin Baker – music theory, fundamentals of music
Robert Brooks – voice
Sean Casey – double bass
Nathan Choi – guitar, guitar class
Sue Cruse – voice, vocal ensemble
Clayton Garrett – baritone, tuba, chamber ensemble
Pedro Haley – guitar
Cindy Horstman – harp, string ensemble [harp]
Jisun Huh – piano, lab band
Freddie Jones – trumpet, lab band
Inga Kroll – violin, viola
Leslie Massenburg – bassoon
Larry McCain – piano
Natasha Merchant – oboe
Paul Metzger – guitar, guitar ensemble
Brandon Moore – saxophone
Nancy Nelson – cello, chamber ensemble
Stephen Nutt – guitar
Stan Paschal – voice
Carlo Pezzimenti – guitar, guitar ensemble
Ricky Reeves – clarinet
Bonnie Riddle – handbell ensemble
James Sims – trumpet, chamber ensemble
Jeffrey Strong – bassoon
Kristen Thompson – clarinet
Dan Totan – cello
Estelle Weise – percussion ensemble [handbells]
Rachel Woolf – flute, chamber ensemble
Clint Wyatt – trombone
Susan Wyatt – voice, vocal ensemble
Pamela Youngblood – woodwind ensemble