Take the HESI A2™ Exam

Students applying to the Nursing Program are required to take the Health Education Systems, Inc., Admissions Assessment (HESI A2™). The HESI A2™ study guide is available on reserve from the Brookhaven College Library or you may purchase a copy through the college bookstores. More information is available at www.hesitest.com. Key points to remember about the HESI A2™ Test are as follows:

  • The HESI A2™​ can be taken at any school that offers the HESI A2™, including Brookhaven College.
  • Required sections are: Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary, Math and Anatomy & Physiology.
  • The HESI A2™ scores are only good for two years.
  • The HESI A2™ exam can be taken only once per application period, February or September. If you take the HESI A2™ exam more than once per application period, your application will be disqualified.
  • The most current score will be used.
  • Please pay for the exam before scheduling the exam. In order to pay for the exam, you must complete a HESI A2™ form, available online under HESI A2™ Information Form.
  • The HESI A2™ testing can only be scheduled at Brookhaven College Testing Center after the semester begins.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to sign up for the HESI A2™ testing early. Testing slots fill up quickly. Once they are gone, no special accommodation will be made.​

HESI A2™ Prep Course

Brookhaven College is now offering a HESI A2™ Prep Continuing Education Course that spans over the course of three days. The class costs $240, plus the book. Please contact the Workforce and Continuing Education Division at 972-860-4600 for information or 972-860-4715 to register.

NURZ 1000-22213

January 27-29

NURZ 1000-23213

March 23-25