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How to Apply

Note: Effective May 21, 2019 all applicants are required to have a positive titer for MMR and Varicella

The Nursing Program admits students in both the fall and spring semesters, accepting approximately 60 students each fall and 40 students each spring.

The deadline to submit all application materials for admission to the fall class is the last working day of February. The deadline for the spring class is the last working day of September.

Admission Schedule and Deadlines 

Admission Selection Process

Admission is based on a complete packet being submitted including signed course substitutions. A mathematical formula is used to complete the applicant’s score from Step 1 and Step 2. After the application deadline, all applicant scores will be calculated. The applicants with the top scores will be identified. Please fully review the following information about how to apply to the Brookhaven College Nursing Program. 

Step 1

  • 3.0 is the minimum accepted grade point average for the four prerequisite courses in the nursing curriculum.
  • No grade lower than a "C" will be accepted for any course in the Brookhaven College Nursing Degree Plan including prerequisites.
  • Points for the four prerequisites is the GPA of the four prerequisites (Composition I, Introduction to Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and Developmental Psychology). (maximum four points)
  • The following courses are worth one point each toward admission with a "B" or higher. If you have a "C", the class will count but no points for admissions will be given: Nursing Pathophysiology and Ethics. (maximum two points)
  • The following courses are worth three points. An "A" equals three points; a "B" equals two points; and a "C" equals zero point. Anatomy and Physiology II, Microbiology and Pharmacology. (maximum nine points)
  • HESI A2™ exam points based on the HESI A2™ exam. The minimum accepted score on HESI A2™ exam is 76. (maximum 25 points)
  • Total Step 1 points are calculated by the following formula: GPA + HESI A2™ + course points + medical experience.
  • Take the Dosage Calculations Workshop offered through the Workforce and Continuing​ Education Division. Exam scores are good for two years.
If you are currently working as a certified medical assistant, certified nursing assistant, EMT, LVN, paramedic, and/or patient care technician, you will earn an extra two points. You will need a letter from your Human Resources Department on letterhead stating that you are employed, your title and license certification or transcript showing training.
Minimum Scores

The Brookhaven College Nursing Program is currently accepting applications from students with a Step 1 score of 20 points and higher ONLY. (GPA + HESI A2™ + course points + medical experience)

Step 2

Nursing student applicants with the top 50 Step 1 scores for the Spring admission and the top 70 Step 1 scores for the Fall admission will be invited for an interview and to complete a professional writing sample. (negative 10 points to 10 points may be earned for the interview, negative 5 points and 5 points may be earned for the professional writing sample) The professional writing sample will be evaluated on composition, grammar, spelling, content and legibility.

The interview and professional writing sample scores will be added to the Step 1 score (GPA + HESI A2™ points + course points + medical experience) for a FINAL admission score of (GPA + HESI A2™ points + course points + medical experience + interview points + professional writing sample points for a maximum admission score of 57 points).

Online Nursing Information Session

Viewing the online nursing information session in its entirety is mandatory to apply to the Brookhaven College Nursing program. You will be able to record your attendance at the end of the nursing information session presentation. Please print attendance record for your nursing application packet.