Sociology Faculty

S. Greg Jacobs
SOCI 1301 | SOCI 1306 | SOCI 2336
With over 40 years teaching experience, professor Greg Jacobs' areas of specialty include symbolic interactionism, men and masculinities and mental health.

Christopher E. Grice
SOCI 1301 | SOCI 2301 | SOCI 2319 | SOCI 2326
Christopher Grice is a teaching sociologist who focuses on community/youth program development, racialized educational disparities and media representations of race, culture and diversity.

Rozlyn D. Johnson
SOCI 1301 | SOCI 1306
Rozlyn Johnson specializes in gender studies, business ethics and media representation of social issues. In addition to teaching she serves as a human resource manager for financial service companies.

Martel A. Pipkins
SOCI 1301 | SOCI 1306 | SOCI 2336
Martel Pipkins is a qualitative researcher specializing in social activism, pedagogy and global comparative sociology. His most recent work examines dominant linguistic practices and their impact on public opinion.

Lesley Y. Regalado
SOCI 2301 | SOCI 2319
Lesley Regalado is a diversity and recruitment professional. In addition to owning a recruitment firm she specializes in the education experience of ethnic minorities as well as human capital management.