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Learning Framework

Level Up With Learning Framework

Much like playing a video game, being successful in life — and in school — is about being able to consistently perform the action that you want.

Sure, you can smash buttons and dash around helplessly, but in college, that won't win you many matches. You’ll lose points (grade points, that is) and enter battles (like final exams) unprepared.

Essentially, you’ll just be flailing, and flailing is not how you level up.

Practice Mode vs. Play Mode

At the colleges of DCCCD, you can start college in “Practice Mode” with a class called Learning Framework, which is a pre-Core requirement.

Learning Framework will train you how to make the right move, at the right time, in the right place and it is crucial to your success as a competitive-minded player. Err… student.

You’ll tackle critical thinking, refine your note taking and even change how you think.

You may feel like taking this class will slow you down. You want to begin college in “Play Mode,” cruise through the core and “unlock” major achievements, like a degree. Rookie! Every successful quest first requires a plan of action! You need to add some strategy to your game-plan so that when you do play, you play to win.

Your Go-To Game-Plan

College level success calls for some serious skills. And that’s where Learning Framework has you covered.

In training, you’ll learn:

  •  Mind Control — change how you think using metacognitive theories like Stage Theory
  •  Telescopic Vision — magnify problems to gain deeper answers using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  •  Reactive Resistance — adapt to whatever life throws at you with cognitive theories such as ABC Theory
  •  Time Manipulation — manage your time effectively and productively using proven techniques
  •  Endurance Optimization  — make “better, faster, stronger” more than Kanye’s catchphrase

Single Player, Multiple Perspectives

Every year, thousands of students register for a Learning Framework class. Hear what they thought of the pre-Core training and how they plan to apply it in the future.

The Quest for the College Degree - Secret Tips

Ready to take Learning Framework (EDU 1300)?

Here are a few tips from professors:

  1.  Consider taking EDU 1300 during a Winter or Summer term, right before you begin regular-semester classes. During these periods of time the class is taught in a condensed format. You’ll finish the training in a few short weeks, rather than an entire 16-week semester. That means you can dive right into your Core classes afterwards.
  2.  Once you register for a college class, use your student ID and password to log into the DCCCD Student Portal where you can explore the entire student universe, including your college email.
  3.  Learning Framework isn’t just on campus or online anymore. It’s also offered as a hybrid class. That means two days a week you drive to campus, and one day you log into class online.

*This is a mandatory course. Please contact an advisor at your college to discuss enrollment options. For more information about Core Curriculum and Pre-Core Requirements see the official catalog.