Marketing is all about finding out what products consumers want, designing and pricing them right, convincing consumers to purchase them and delivering them at the right time and place.

Marketing involves researching, designing, promoting, retailing, wholesaling, transporting and warehousing. It’s a dynamic career that gives you the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people and skill sets.

The colleges of DCCCD offer both business and fashion marketing programs.

Marketing At-A-Glance


What Can I Earn?

These rates are entry hourly wages for the following Marketing jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

1 This job may require a bachelor's degree or higher.
Please review current job openings and contact your advisor to review your options.

All data gathered for Dallas/Fort Worth.
Source: DCCCD Labor Market Intelligence

Why is This a Good Career Bet?


Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas's targeted occupations lists eight separate business positions as high-growth areas this year. Projections include 46,200 jobs as customer support specialists.

CareerOneStop, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects job growth increase of 24% for marketing managers; 21% for sales representatives; 21% for wholesale and retail buyers; and 19% for retail sales supervisors.

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​Business Marketing

Are you a problem-solver who wants a stimulating work environment? Do you want a job that’s challenging, fast-paced and rewarding — both mentally and financially? Are you interested in finding out why people buy the things they do? Business Marketing focuses on the process through which goods and services move from concept to customer, from product development through promotional strategy.

Marketing Careers Degree and Certificate Options

Brookhaven, Cedar Valley and El Centro colleges 

Business Marketing courses are offered at Brookhaven and Cedar Valley colleges; Fashion Marketing is offered at El Centro College. 

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