Radiologic Sciences Careers

Work Conditions and Job Skills

Radiologic technologists usually work a 40-hour week, sometimes including evening, weekend or on-call hours. Opportunities are also available for part-time and shift work, as well as flexible scheduling. Technologists operate diagnostic machines in designated clinical areas of a hospital, medical center, diagnostic imaging center or physician’s office. They must comply with safety regulations at all times, protecting themselves, their patients and co-workers from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Radiologic Sciences at a Glance

Looking for a quick overview of the Radiologic Sciences program? Take a look at Radiologic Sciences at a Glance for a short summary of what a radiologic technologist does.

About a Radiologic Technology Career

The job demands sound physical and mental health, and:

  • Good vision to work with charts and records and manipulate X-ray controls for the production of radiation
  • Good communication skills for conversing with patients and fellow workers
  • Physical strength for pushing wheelchairs, beds, stretchers and portable equipment; lifting and carrying equipment, supplies and patients (at least 50 pounds); and constant standing and walking
  • The ability to be accurate and precise, since a procedure is only as effective as the person who performs it

Radiologic technologists:

  • Follow physicians’ orders precisely
  • Explain diagnostic procedures to patients
  • Secure exposed areas with radiation protection devices
  • Prepare diagnostic machines
  • Accurately position the patient

They may also:

  • Keep patient records
  • Adjust and maintain equipment
  • Prepare work schedules
  • Evaluate equipment purchases
  • Manage a department

Opportunities for advancement within the field include:

Salary Ranges

CareerOneSpot, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, projects for the Dallas metropolitan area:

Job Title Median
Hourly Rate
Annual Salary
Estimated Job Growth in Texas Through 2024
Radiologic technologists$28.30