Brookhaven College

Stephen Herd is an accomplished automotive technician with 10 years of shop experience in addition to his 17 years of automotive teaching experience. In the first 10 years of his career, he worked as an automotive technician in dealerships and the aftermarket. In 1989, he began teaching advanced vehicle systems courses at the GM training center. He currently teaches in the GM ASEP program at Brookhaven College.


  • Master of Science, Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, University of North Texas, 2006
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences, Applied Technology and Performance Improvement, University of North Texas, 2005
  • Associate in Applied Sciences, Automotive Technology, Eastfield College, 1991

ASE Certifications

Master Automobile Technician

  • A1 Engine Repair
  • A2 Automatic Transmission
  • A3 Manual Transmission
  • A4 Suspension and Steering
  • A5 Brakes
  • A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • A7 Heating and Air Conditioning
  • A8 Engine Performance
  • L1 Automobile Advanced Engine Performance Specialist
  • Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

Engine Machinist

  • M3 Assembly Specialist

Truck Technician

  • T1 Gasoline Engines
  • T3 Drivetrain
  • T4 Brakes
  • T5 Suspension and Steering
  • T6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • T7 Heating, Ventilation and A/C

Manufacturer Certifications

GM Certified World Class Technician

  • Engine Performance
  • Engine Repair
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Manual Drivetrain and Axle
  • Automatic Transaxle/Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Steering and Suspension
  • HVAC
  • Diesel Engine Performance

Honors and Awards

  • National College Honor Scholarship Society, Alpha Chi, 2005
  • President’s List, University of North Texas, 2005
  • Instructor of Merit, International Association of GM ASEP, 1996

Professional Development

  • Automotive Curriculum Committee Chair, DCCCD, 1999–2006
  • College Curriculum Committee Co-chair, Brookhaven College, 2003–2006
  • Standards Committee, GM ASEP, 2001–2005
  • Lead Instructor, General Motors, 1993–1995


  • Trade and Industrial Education Automotive Curriculum, Texas Education Agency, 2005–2006
  • Automotive Technology Workshop, Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence, 2003