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What Students Say About the Ford ASSET Program

What Students Say About the Ford ASSET Program

Danny Wilkins
“The ASSET program to me is the best way to jump into a fast growing and high paying career. The training that you get is impossible to match. The ASSET teachers are well trained and very capable of training you in all the right aspects of the industry. You will be building a long standing relationship with your sponsoring dealership. Overall this program is definitely the best way to become an automotive technician.” – Danny Wilkins

Mike Bahrenburgh

"The ASSET program is one of the best things that has happened to me. It is a demanding program, but it has been worth the effort. The classes are fun and interesting. I feel the program is an important first step for anyone who wishes to be successful in the automotive service industry.” – Mike Bahrenburgh



Carlos Montes
“I think that a specialized program such as ASSET is really important for somebody who is thinking about the automotive industry. Ford’s specialized program is very organized and an excellent way to begin a very lucrative career. ASSET is a smart choice to make, and I am very proud to be a part of this program.” – Carlos Montes


Josh Wuistinger
“ASSET has helped me to get the skills I need to get a good job and be well paid. You don’t have to drop everything and go to school for two years … you go to class nine weeks and work nine weeks. This allows you to learn the material and then apply what you learned in the real world. You graduate with a degree, experience, certifications and a job.” – Josh Wuistinger


David Martin
“Being an ASSET student is a privilege. My decision to join the ASSET program is one best choices I have made. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient. The skills I have developed will insure me a job where ever I choose to go.” – David Martin​​