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Ford Motor Company - ASSET

Ford Motor Company’s Automotive Student Service Education Training program, ASSET

Ford ASSET is a 22-month apprenticeship program designed to prepare individuals to work as automotive service technicians at a Ford or Lincoln dealership.

ASSET prepares students for more than just a job.

  • Advanced technical skill
  • Strong academic foundation
  • Valuable work experience

Students accepted into the Ford ASSET program at Brookhaven College attend intensive 16-week sessions of classroom lecture and laboratory exercises. When not attending classes, students will work at the sponsoring Ford or Lincoln dealership for cooperative work experience.

  • All automotive courses occur from 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • First-year classes are Wednesday-Friday.
  • Second-year classes are Monday-Wednesday.
  • Academic classes are held after automotive classes. (See automotive advisor for scheduling.)

The Dealership Sponsored Technician Associate of Applied Science degree curriculum was designed by Ford Motor Company, Ford ASSET Advisory Committee and Brookhaven College.