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Student Selection Process

Student Selection Process for the Dealership Sponsored Technician Program


Admission into Brookhaven College’s dealership sponsored automotive technician training program is a competitive process. To be eligible for selection the applicant must be:

  • age 18 or over at the time of the first dealership work assignment;
  • a high school graduate or GED equivalent;
  • able to meet Brookhaven College’s general admission requirements;
  • able to meet the requirements for beginning technical math; and
  • able to meet the requirements for beginning English composition.

 Dealership Interviews

Prospective students who successfully complete the application process are invited to attend the dealership interviews in June. On that day dealers who wish to sponsor students will send an authorized representative to interview with prospective students. The Brookhaven College program coordinator will assess the results and contact the dealers and students regarding final sponsor approval. Following approval, the student and dealer meet to discuss employment. The following items should be considered:

  • arrangements for uniforms;
  • hourly wage while working in the dealership;
  • the possibility of defrayed expenses for tools, tuition assistance, etc., and;
  • employment of the student in some capacity prior to the start of classes.